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Benjamin Sackel

Einrichtung eines ingenieurgeodätischen Monitoring Systems in der Marienkirche in Neubrandenburg

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2015

Abstract: This master thesis deals with a geodetic engineer monitoring of the Marienkirche in Neubrandenburg. It is to be investigated if the church steeple moves by ringing the church bells. To examin the movement different geodetic devices will be tested. These devices are tachymeters, inclinometers and accelerometers. The first topic of this master thesis is des description of the Marienkirche in Neubrandenburg. After that, the basics of geodetic monitoring will be comunicated. Following the measuring instruments will be explained and different test with them will be discribed. Then the stochastic processes will be taught in a theoretically and practically way. At the end different measurements in the church will be explained.

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