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Daniel Rohde

Untersuchungen zur Parallelisierung praktischer Problemstellungen für Mehrkern-Prozessoren

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2011

Abstract: This master thesis was written for the University of Neubrandenburg at the department of LGGB. The topic is the parallelizing of algorithms for computer systems with multicore processor architecture. The master thesis is giving an overview about the basics of parallelizing software. Thereby are different possibilities explained like hardware parallelizing, design pattern and software parallelizing under C++. During the master thesis two algorithms from the scope of photogrammetry were implemented in a sequential and multiple parallel ways. During the parallelization different paralleling libraries and design patterns were used, like POSIX-Threads, MFC, TBB and the pattern of the pipeline. The performed runtime measurements gave information about the efficiency of the parallelization.

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