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Matthias Hamann

Entwicklung eines virtuellen Sensors für Vermessungsaufgaben

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2011

Abstract: The starting point is the explanation of geodetic measurements and computer based monitoring measurements. This is specifically displayed with the research project of the University of Neubrandenburg. This project is a database oriented monitoring system, short DABAMOS, which is currently under development. The virtual sensor is needed to validate DABAMOS because it can simulate a variety of measured values. A presentment of several measurement instruments, sensors and software to create virtual sensors has been done to show the implementation of the virtual sensor. In addition, there is a short presentation of measuring effects. This presentation shows errors that have been made during the measurements, and it also displays measurement uncertainties, which play an important role in determination of simulation parameters. The virtual sensor has been created and implemented considering all shown requirements. Last but not least, several tests runs have been done.

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