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Stefan Fischer

Veränderungen der Alkoholkonsummuster in ländlich-peripheren Gemeinden Nordostdeutschlands 1994 - 2008 : Eine aktuelle Teiluntersuchung im Rahmen des Projektes »Gesundheit und alltägliche Lebensführung in nordostdeutschen Landgemeinden« (EL 493/2-1)

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: Background: During a follow-up study on health and lifestyle in North-East German rural districts are examined differences in alcohol consumption patterns between different population groups and their development in the last 14 years closer. Method: Data are compiled, along with the second and third session of the LGS, the NGS and 90/92 BGS. Using bivariate and multivariable analysis models to highlight differences with respect to alcohol consumption. Results: In the view of longitudinal section there are significant changes in the data on the frequency (increased occasional consumption) and quantity (of increased consumption of lesser amounts) of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and a lower prevalence estimate of risky alcohol consumption.

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