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Matthias Ewert

Programmierung einer Datenbank zur objektbezogenen Erfassung der Kostenkennwerte von Sanierungsmaßnahmen im Hochbau sowie der spezifischen Merkmale der jeweiligen Sanierungsmaßnahme

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: The topic of the Bachelor Thesis developed in collaboration between the company A&S Ltd. Neubrandenburg, who is also responsible for the rehabilitation of highbuilding. A Database was created to store bill of quantities of clearing-up or reconstruction measures. At the beginning, there is a definition of the bill of quantities and advice to deal with the correct engineer standards. There is also an example for determining the bill of quantities. The Database was created with Microsoft Access 2000. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Forms allows the input, the management and the search of specific data.

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