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Manuel Prager

Laufzeitvergleiche für die Implementierung von Algorithmen in Java und C/C++

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: As sufficiently known, the efficiency and performance of developed software, concerning different fields and problem sizes, is significantly dependent on the programming skills and knowledge of the programmer. Thereby the underlying programming language plays a decisive role. This particular point should be clarified by that bachelor thesis and it will show to what extent C/C++ and Java differ from each other. For this purpose, algorithms referring to different physical fields of a computer, as well as differentiating problem sizes, should be developed and implemented equivalently. Based on time measurements of various applications, duration comparisons are supposed to be possible. The resulting empirical information shall be analysed and presented, whereas upcoming variances are further explained. Since the runtime is affected by several factors, a theoretical consideration of the basis appears to be of vital relevance. In the process, elementary concepts, features, requirements and further aspects will be mentioned, in order to get help for the realization and evaluation of eventual questions.

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