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Christian Kocksch

Gestaltung von Außenanlagen bei der Umnutzung eines Krankenhauses in einen FamilienCampus-Lausitz

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: In the dissertation the development is explained from the beginning up to the restructuring of the hospital of Klettwitz. A stock-taking was carried out and the available trees were determined. Park possibilities were adapted and increased. The input area was provided with a stele of information by which every visitor can fast reach his aim. A campus lounge forms the centre of the arrangement. In a walk the visitor about herbs, roses, shrubs and moor can take pleasure, but be of use also the possibilities for sport and play. In addition a 18-hole miniature gulf arrangement, a basketball field and a playground is ready. The element water pleases Jung and Old in a pond in the terrace, in the main building and in the bigger water washbasin in the moor garden.

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