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Christine Bergemann     Sabrina Döring

Gesundheitsförderung im Setting Kindergarten : Quantitative Studie zum Präventionsprojekt "TigerKids - Kindergarten aktiv" in Zusammenarbeit mit der AOK Land Brandenburg

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: Due to the rising trend of overweight children, proven by studies of the introductory medical check, it has become necessary to take precautions on the basis of primary prevention to the strengthening of Compliance as early as possible. The quantitative study in quention evaluates the prevention projekt "TigerKids- Kindergarten aktiv" from AOK Brandenburg and the resulting behavioural modifications of the children, the parents as well as the educators by means of questionnaire. Moreover the people questioned are requested to assess the coordination and organisation in order to achieve the highest possible quality in practice. On the basis of unilateral and bilateral results the numerous positive results are shown.

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