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Melanie Brungs

Zur Bedeutung Dr. Karl Baumgartens und seines Erbes für die Dorferneuerung und Landschaftsplanung im Raum Rostock

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: This dissertation deals with the significance of historic building structure in the development of villages of selected villages around Rostock, using the example of the Niederdeutsche Hallenhaus. With the help of Wöbse´s recording questionnaire (1994) the old farmhouses were listed. Afterwards the data was evaluated using Stöckmann´s method (2004) and finally the results were registered in the Kulturlandschaftselementarkataster (KLEKs). During the research it became clear that all registered buildings are of high historic-cultural importance which leads to the conclusion that they have to be taken into any planning consideration.

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