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Karsten Jarmer

Grundlagen zur Einführung von extensiven Dachbegrünungssystemen in Thailand

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: This master thesis refers to the basics of the implementation of extensive green roof systems in Thailand. The context of the thesis includes considerations about the construction, substrates, plant selection, maintenance and fall protection. In addition to the implementation of extensive green roof systems on flat and sloped roof will be the technical, intended requirements and possible costs. This includes the prevalent climate and building fabric conditions. The long dry season, which is typical of the climate in Thailand, plays an important consideration. The third part of the text describes two extensive green roof pilot projects in the north east of Thailand. The main focus of these projects is the testing of dry resistant plants on nutrient poor substrate, which can grow with relatively low maintenance. Good results have been achieved with Aloe vera, Kalanchoe pinnatum, Plectranths tomentosa, Portulace grandiflora and Portulace pilosa.

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