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Kristin Bolz

Neugestaltung des Betriebsgeländes der Firma HTS Müritz GmbH Dannehl in Alt Schönau

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: With this diploma thesis I intend to develop a concept for the further usage of the company premises which currently are only as storage area. I will set up an ideal planning concept for the future depot of the company (HTS Müritz GmbH Dannehl) by taking into account local circumstances and company interests. Moreover, I will an alyse the necessity of the company premises as a space/yard. A further point which I will consider is the integration of private residential property. The concept will be developed by also taking into consideration ecological aspects such as minimising the area sealing, optimising roof areas by greening and creating additionals living space for flora and fauna.

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