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Jörg Lange

Entwicklung ländlicher Räume am Beispiel des Dorfes Gielow, Landkreis Demmin

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2010

Abstract: The subject of this dissertation is "development of rural rooms at the example of the village Gielow, administrative district Demmin". On this occasion, were questioned to twenty households. This questioning exists of three blocks. The first block deals with the infrastructure and how this of the interviewees is estimated. In the second block it is about information to the local activity and the voluntary engagement of the interviewees. Personal information is questioned in the third block. All information is interpreted here textually, as well as in tables and diagram?s and forms the main part of the work. Other component of this work is to characterise it that village Gielow with the help of the history, public associations and facilities, economy, population structures and the land utilisation.

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