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Christoph Steckler

Anwendungsmöglichkeiten ausgewählter Rich Client Technologien am Beispiel des Überwachungs-, Auswertungs- und Analyseprogramm CIRCLE

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: In the Course of this Bachelor one of five Rich Client or respectively Rich Internet Applications is chosen to upgrade the monitoring, evaluation an analysis system CIRCLE. In the beginning there is an Introduction of the application followed by introducing and comparing the selected Rich Clients and Rich Internet Application technologies. The Selection is made up of Adobe Flex/AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaFX, Rich Ajax Platform and EclipseRCP. Within given criteria one technology is favored and a concept of the new CIRCLE Client is created. Additionally new techniques like the OSGi Standard and the Message Broker application ActiveMQ are included in the thesis because of ongoing changes in the CIRCLE system.

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