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Arween-Mira Schmidt

Freiraumplanung "Neue Friedländer Gesamtschule" : Planung des Schulhofes

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: This work is about planning the school playground of the ´neue friedländer gesamtschule´. The ´school playground´ and the school building were completed in 1996. About 10 years later replanning the ´school playground´ is needed, because of changing the school system the social struktur is different as well. The landscape design can´t go with that change, because it wants to be seen as a work of art and doesn´t want to be changed. It is difficult to understand or use this ´school playground´and adapt them in new conditions. This planning is supposed to bring opportunities and reasons to use the ´school playground´ in different ways over a long time.

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