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Maria Schneider

Das Modell der "Gewaltfreien Kommunikation" nach Marshall Rosenberg - Anwendungen in der Sozialen Arbeit

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: In this thesis the model of "Nonviolent Communication" (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg is presented and its applicability to the field of social work is discussed. This paper aims to analyze in which specific areas and how the NVC model is currently being applied and if its use can increase the efficiency of social work in action. Through literature research the theoretical basis of NVC is framed and different Human Need theories are compared to the NVC model. Furthermore, research results on NVC, relevant to social work, will be compiled and discussed. Internet research and a short questionnaire are used to gather information on existing NVC projects in the area of social work. The literature review shows that the use of NVC has significant positive effects on relational and social competence, empathic response, resilience, the sense of coherence and non-violent conflict resolution. Presently there are no specific NVC projects in the field of work with ?disabled? persons, persons with so called mental health problems, addiction and in the work with elderly persons and their relatives.

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