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Frank Niebauer

Untersuchung zur Nutzung eines Spiegeltools zur indirekten Anzielung verdeckter Punkte mittels Lasertrackers

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: During assembly of Wendelstein 7-X laser trackers are used for alignment of components and final surveys of there position. All these measurements should be carried out precise and with a minimum of efforts. Very often it is impossible to see all necessary points at a few locations of the laser tracker because the lines of sight to the targets are blocked. In such cases additional locations of laser tracker are necessary. The mirror tool is always used in combination with the laser tracker and reflectors. With the mirror tool the laser beam is reflected in the direction of the target and then hits on the reflector in the point to be measured. In such a way hidden points can be measured.

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