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Annika Stoy

Die Bedeutung sozialer Beziehungen für die Entwicklung der kindlichen Widerstandsfähigkeit

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: The present thesis deals with the importance of social relations for development. In particular, it investigates whether social relations support resilience development and consequently the healthy development of children. The concept of resilience is briefly introduced and the factors which are relevant for the development of resistance are stated. As various skills are required for building social relations, an overview of social development is provided and subsequently the development and the meaning of different relations in childhood are discussed. In reference to the described theories (social development and the resilience concept) it is discussed to what extent social relations support the development of resilience and what the reasons are for that. Resulting from the knowledge gained about the connection of social relations and resilience, conclusions for the pedagogic work are drawn.

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