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Anna Stefan

Schulfähigkeit und Schuleingangsuntersuchung in der Diskussion

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: For a long time the term school readiness and the school readiness checkup have been center of discussions in primary and nursery schools. School readiness ? what does it mean? Where do girls and boys develop school readiness? How can there be a successful start of school? In what way do children learn best? What exactlyhappens in a school readiness checkup and - with knowledege from practical experiences and research? is it still relevant today? In the paper these questions will be answered in regards to the latest pilot projects about ?Die neue Schuleingangsstufe?. Two school readiness checkups were observed and interviews were performed with children, parents, one doctor, one nursery teacher and one teacher to include the point of view of all concerned parties.

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