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Katja Stabenow

Pflege- und Entwicklungskonzept Wohngebietspark Reitbahnviertel

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: The aim of this bachelor dissertation is to provide initial approaches to a maintenance and development strategy for the residential area park in the Reitbahn district. The work primarily focuses on establishing the principles and planning the draft in accordance with HOAI Article 15 [Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers] relating to project planning for outdoor structures. Therefore, in performance phase 1, the main criteria used to determine the principles are the existing situation as well as an analysis and evaluation of the location. In performance phase 2, an initial draft of a maintenance strategy is formulated, including a targeted catalogue of measures, plus initial approaches to planning the renovation or development of the residential area park. The results of the work are summarised in an extensive explanatory report and in a map section.

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