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Susann Voss

Eine Reise durch Madagaskar : Entwurf einer Anlage für Lemuren im Vogelpark Marlow

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: A new attraction is planned for the zoological garden of Marlow, an enclosure for lemurs. To keep lemurs in human care appropirate to the needs of the species you must have comprehensive knowledge of their way of living, of their needs and their behaviour in freedom and captivity, to offer them a good home. Moreover you must have knowledge of the demands, expectations and needs of zoological gardens. This knowledge is also important for planning enclosures in zoological gardens. A part of this thesis serves this search for knowledge. The design "A trip through Madagascar" summarises this knowledge and forms the basis for the construction of the enclosure for lemurs in Marlow. To give the visitors an understanding of the native land of the lemurs, the design also includes characteristics of Madagascar.

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