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Tina Klawitter

Linde, Apfel und Co. : Ein Arboretum für die Schlossstadt Klütz

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: Nature offers an endless variety of sensory stimuli. Botanical gardens are often an especially good examples of this phenomenon. An arboretum (a place where trees are grown for scientific study) is an area that is designed with the help of scientific knowledge, and that is dedicated to trees. An arboretum gives us the opportunity to observe and study the selected trees. It also is an archive for rare or long-forgotten species. The aim of this thesis is to create and develop a plan for an arboretum for Klütz - a small town in the north-west of Mecklenburg-Pommerania. In addition to scientific aspects, the arboretum should function as a place for research and relaxation. The basic idea is to incorporate the existing flora with the new design. Lime trees and fruit trees are the focus of the scheme. They are complemented by a varied selection of other tree species.

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