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Sebastian Nelson     Christian Rönnpagel

Aufbau eines europäischen Echtzeit-Online-Datenarchivs der NASA STEREO-Mission : Wissenschaftliche Analyse und Visualisierung von STEREO-Beobachtungen

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: STEREO represents the latest level of the solar observation mission of the U.S. space agency NASA. Recordings are made during the mission observation, in type of data streams from the observation probes sent back to Earth, for further processing. For evaluation and presentation of observational data from the NASA STEREO mission a project was launched to create a data archive at the planetarium Hamburg. This project was establishes in the time from March the 3rd, 2008 to August the 31st, 2008. The focus was on the synchronization and updating of the STEREO measurement and observation data with the data archive via internet and the calibration and presentation of its data from the data archive. In the post-processing the calibrated data, obtained from the digital image data, modified to the conditions for certain applications. This bachelor work will specifically deal with the representation of the acquisition, processing and visualization of satellite data from the NASA STEREO mission.

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