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Manuela Schönrock

GPS-based earthquake parameter reconstruction within the German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: This work is concerned with the linear ill-posed inverse problem of GPS-based earthquake parameter reconstruction in the context of the German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS). Inversion of three-dimensional near field GPS observations, regarding slip distribution at the Sunda Trench, is performed by using a Green's function approach. The inverse approach which has been published by Hoechner et al. (2008), employs a simplex algorithm from the MATLAB Optimization Toolbox. The task of this thesis is the verification of the present GPS inversion technique by a sensitivity analysis on noise. In addition to this, it will be dealt with two other inverse approaches which are QR decomposition and an iterative approach by surrogate functionals.

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