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Christof Hausmann

Einsatz von Baustählen im Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau der Gegenwart

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: This Bachelor Thesis gives an overview about the modern techniques of producing steel, about their classification concerning DIN EN 10020, DIN EN 10025 and describes the system of their denomination concerning DIN EN 10027. Apart from that there is given an illustration about steel as an element of offshore- wind- energy- converters. The description of the modern techniques of producing steel is divided into the following steps: producing pig iron, producing crude steel, metallurgical rework of crude steel and the final moulding. The description of the classification of steel especially refers to their mechanical, physical and chemical qualities. There are always given advices concerning the particular DIN NORM. The last chapter deals with the construction of offshore- wind- energy- converters and how far steel is used as a material of such generators.

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