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Romy Schiele     Martin Sterna

Wie entwickelt sich der Vegetationsbestand eines Schilfröhrichts des Schweriner Innensees unter Einfluss des künstlichen Wellenschutzes? : Bestandsanalyse - Nutzung des Gebietes - Vergleich von Schutzmaßnahmen - Schilfmahd

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: At many european lakes is the crop of reed (Phragmites australis) decreased as well as the crop at the Schweriner See. The reasons therfor are not sufficiently known. This degree dissertation is about measurement and vegetation mapping of a crop of reed at the Schweriner Innensee. An 85m plong palsade was build in February 2008 in front of the crop of reed to keep wave effects away and to defend it from flotsam. Furthermore this dissertation exemplify different safety measures. Finally it realize that the harvest of reed is the only ecologically worthwhile way of utilisation and conservation the crop of Phragmites australis.

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