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Marco Lerm

3D Modellierung mit der Open Source Software Blender

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: This thesis describes the possibilities of modeling of a building with the Open Source Software Blender. Furthermore this work describes the use of the Blender internal particle system, the use of audio effects for animation and the use of the Blender internal game engine. Beforehand general bases of 3D modelling are returned in chapter 2. Further chapter 2 gives explanation about other modelling programmes which can be pulled up for animation work. Besides the software solutions which were developed quite especially for the evaluation, planning and development of 3D town model are introduced. In chapter 3 the Blender internal game engine is discussed. In addition, a confrontation of the modelling programme Cinema4D occurs compared with Blender, with the background 3D graphic software vs. game engine. Chapter 4 gives explanation about the modelling of the named building with representation of appeared defects. In chapter 5 are pictures of the model with images from the reality compared. In the end, chapter 6 describes the conclusions and outlook.

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