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Daniel Rohde

Entwicklung eines Kommandozeilen-Interfaces für den VizzAnalyzer (TM)

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: This thesis describes the new development of a command-line interface. The back-ground of this assignment is a concept, which was developed at the University of Växjö, Sweden and is concerned with the quality analysis of software products. Out of this research an application was created. This application gives a developer the possibility to analyze the quality of his software products. This application is called VizzAnalyzer (TM) and is distributed by the company Arisa AB. The VizzAnalyzer (TM) is already available in various versions and the command-line interface enables the possibility to analyze software in a server environment. The interface requires the possibility to analyze and interpret any user input. The thesis concerned with various concepts and ways of implementation.

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