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Ulrike Blank

Entwicklung eines Speicherkonzeptes für Geodaten in Unternehmen

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2009

Abstract: The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to design a concept for the storage of accumulating geodata for the GeoSense company. GeoSense deals with GIS-projects. The thereby generated geodata shall be storaged in a suitable form. The data has to be accessible on various workstations with diffrent programms according to the state of process and the number of on the project working employees. During the process time the data should be recallable and usable for several application programms. Furthermore the storaged data should be usable for a geoportal. At first the working process and problems will be analyzed with the help of an example for the design of the storage concept. From this analysis the requirements are defined for the storage system. Afterwards different storage possibilities are introduced to develop a suitable storage concept from it. Then various products for the implementation of the storage concept are compared. In addition to the design of the storage concept different backup strategies and backup media are considered.

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