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Anne Wegner

Textildorf Retzow - Nutzungskonzept und Überplanung des Ortes

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, 2008

Abstract: This paper deals with the village Retzow, located in the tourist-region Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, southwest from Plau am See. It was researched under historical, social and landscape-planning aspects. Three objects of study where taken as main points: 1.) What is today's situation in Retzow? 2.) The necessity to plan the village over! 3.) The creation of the concept "Textile-Village Retzow". The community Retzow with its Felt-Manufacture "Ülepüle" and the activities of the association to promote a proper life-standard (FAL e.V.) have the potential to develop to a textile-village. The implementation of the concept is the first step to the textile-village. It serves a medium-term conversion of the concept as well a a long term establishment of Retzow into the region.

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